COMPOUND NUMBERS


A double-digit number or a compound number is s the mixture or combination of two single digit number and its characteristics are mostly dominated by that of a single digit number that it represents.

The dual number highlights certain aspects, of the two single digit numbers but it never eliminates any aspect completely. For example number ten highlights the leadership ability of a 1, number 30 is lead of 3, and a 60 is a high trend of number 6.  A short explanation of double-digit numbers from number ten to number ninety nine are given below:


To find your dual digit number, let us take the total of the letters in your name before you reduce them to a single digit. The ultimate meaning of the double-digit numbers is given in detail:


Number 10 indicate all the qualities of that of number 1. It shows the person is powerful leader, sharply focused in his thoughts and nature and is

Stream lined for success. This person can be ruthless in the persuasion of his aim and goals. He can become a dominating and angry tyrant.


Number 11:   Highly intuitive, psychic, sub-conscious and the conscious mind, highly charged. can be at times neurotic.


 Number 12    It is highly creative, individualistic, and unconventional. Represents the interests self-centered


 Number 13   :Hard work and slow progress, difficult but rewarding down-to-earth. Reliable, trustworthy, rigid and lacking a sense of humor.


Number14: Wild streaks. Changing  attitude and adventurous, capability to destroy, lack of focus and commitment, trouble shooter. Guard against self-indulgence.

  Number15:  Loving, forgiving, and extremely tolerant, responsible, successful, dynamic, and strong. travel, adventure, and experimentation. This number can bring self-relent.


Number 16:    Difficultly faced, especially during the early part of life. Great  potential, spiritual growth and self-knowledge. Self-destructive.


   Number 17    It is spiritual growth, faith, and balance. It is also wealth or bankruptcy. It is an inner struggle to remain true to spiritual and moral values.

Number 18: Spiritual, International Business specialist, disparity between idealism and selfishness, lacking consciousness.


Number 19: Strong and individualistic. Self-reliant and confident, bring loneliness, qualities of a leader and bullish.


Number 20: Sensitive, intuitive, vulnerable to criticism, generates emotional problems weakness and cowardice in case of challenges.


 Number:21    Procrastinate. Individualistic, and unconventional and intuitive.

Number:22    demanding and obsessive, living on edge. Progressive. Need to devote self to something larger than life.


Number 23:   Unrealistic, surrendered, people lover, freedom fighter, a promoter of causes.


Number 24:  domestic struggles and divorce,  counsels and comforts others. It likes music, particularly rhythm.


 Number 25:  Spiritual leader.  Lover of group endeavors. too serious. great difficulty in sharing feelings with others.


 Number 26:  Excellent in business and management. a good strategist, workaholic, often disorganized in personal affairs.


Number 27:   Counselor, volunteer, an artist, successful, inheritance nature. rigid and narrow-minded.


 Number 28:  Ruthless, dominating and angry compassion and intolerance.


Number 29 : high sensitivity, imaginative and creative powers, More serious and less social.


Number 30:    Humorous, communication skill , creativity. jovial, superficial.


Number 31: more extrovert and fun-loving,  more creative and unfaithful.



Number 32:   moody, sensitive, up and down emotionally,


Number 33:   Self-sacrifice, dependent, teacher. Comfort ability to other. and compulsive liar.


Number 34:  intelligent. Spirituality and  purity. Sharing with others,  strong warrior.


Number 35: . Freelancer, business adviser  cum creative--inventor, gadget-designer, socialite, but does not work well with others.


Number 36: Creativeness, genius. self-consciousness  , inhibited, aloofness.



Number 37:    individualistic, a scholar, a voracious reader, excellent imagination, often disorganized.


Number 38:    more realistic. Very intuitive,  not a good admitter, earning through sale of art or antiques. Generates phobias.


Number 39: Functional art.  good in acting and dancing. Problems in rejection and separation.


Number 40:  organized, systematic, and methodical. Critical of others,  intolerant, and sometimes prejudicial.


   Number 41:    capable of directing energies to many different projects successfully. selfish, has a lack of humor, and is sometimes criminal.


Number 42:  Insensitive, political aspirations. Administrator works in government institutions.


Number 43:  Inferiority complex, good concentration, best perfectionism, frustrations, and feeling of inferiority.


Number 44:   Good for business, military career a visional and a doer. Great potentiality.


   Number 45    banking, or international institutions. Not comfortable with self. Cynical.


Number 46    It represents leadership (see 10), and is often tactless and rude. It is always well prepared and confident.


Number 47:    inner struggle between practical, down to earth spiritual balancer, achiever, it is a prophet and counselor extraordinaire.


Number 48    a visionary planner. lost in unrealistic dreams.


Number 49:    caretaker makes effort for others. Problem-solver. be a hero and a friend to everyone.


Number 50:  A high octave of 5. Freedom-loving, versatile. Open to new ideas, willing to take a chance. Possess sexual hang-ups.


Number 51:    It is more independent and aggressive.


Number 52    creative intuitive sensitive and clever.


Number 53    business-oriented. more verbal, creative, and  intelligent


Number 54   less organized and disciplined, difficulty in finishing projects. Dreamer and idealistic.


Number 55    It is extremely freedom-loving, and likes to travel. social, selfish lonely. success  in sales.


Number 56    extreme sensitivity, balance, a desire for freedom with an equally, strong desire to be part of a family                  


Number 57:  intelligence inventiveness creative and unconventional wisdom late in life,.


Number 58:   opinionated hard worker, successful. Opportunist, fine decision maker and dogmatic.


Number 59:   very persuasive convincing. successful lawyers and fundraisers. uncanny ability with people diverse cultures.


Number 60:    loving, caring, responsible. brings subservience.


Number 61:  Problems in love relationships. In need of family and friends demanding, secretive; researchers, law officers,


Number 62: medical field  less sensitive, caretaker.


Number 63:   unfriendly, less outgoing. sexually promiscuous.


Number 64:   un comfort ability un- organized and more creative.


Number 65:   freedom and domestic affairs brings a criminal tendency.


 Number 66:   Generous to a fault, financial ups and downs. Loyal,  loving. Successful in itself.


Number 67:    analytical intelligence creativity. Inventors and mathematicians.


Number 68:  Good in business, insensitive, very loyal. sense of humor.


 Number 69:    teachers, Creativeness, self-sacrificing activists medical professionalisms.


Number 70:   loner, truth knowledge seeker Intelligence, originality. eccentric.


 Number 71:   less authoritative a loner.


 Number 72:   an excellent conversationalist,  voracious reader.


Number 73:    independent likes to work alone. demanding in relationships.


  Number 74   bad eating habits and disorder, premonitions and intense dreams..


   Number 75    more analytical and less creative.


  Number 76    management or organization. turn ideas into reality. dogmatism and religious fanaticism.


Number   77    most intelligent and inventive of all numbers. It also represents spiritual wisdom.


Number   78  struggle between the spiritual and the material. make and lose fortunes.


Number  79    Political and spiritual leaders concern for mankind, be ruthless and self-righteous.


 Number 80    good businessmen. In management personals in military, entrepreneurs, lack of independence. It is an extravert number.


 Number  81    money-oriented. lacks spiritual understanding. brings violence.


 Number  82    leadership and courage. survivor. lack of stability in marriage. never get married or get married many times.


 Number 83    more business-oriented and less sensitive and vulnerable.


Number 84 :   Little less in organization and quite   visionary.

 Number 85:    trendy and bullish nature. masculine in figure,


 Number 86:    more self-oriented. Irresponsible  self-indulgent.


Number 87:    practical good in money handling struggle spiritual and the material thoughts.


Number 88 :   contradictions. business, not good for relationships. It is insensitive.


Number  89  :  aristocrat much travel. difficult for a person to be alone, even for a short period of time.


Number 90    respected by many self-sacrificing and humble.  positive nature. likes to be aloof,.


 Number  91    success in career, creative fields, unable to handle huge money.


 Number 92    great concern for mankind.


 Number 93   creative, in architecture and landscaping. Non commitment


 Number  94    practical humanitarian, not comfortable with travel, and dislikes changes.


Number 95    humanitarian, is impractical, dreamer. loves travel and change.


Number 96    loving nature self-sacrificing focused on community family, friends, and relations.


Number 97: sensitive. quiet worker and loves to read.


Number 98:    idealist, shows emotions. not easily understood by others.


Number 99: artistic genius. often misunderstood, victim of gossip, brings jealousy possessiveness to relationships and friendship.







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