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If you are born on the 1st, 10th, 19th, and 28th, of any month, the total when added of your birth number it becomes 1   

          You are ruled by Planet Sun.  

It is said that you will be bold honest and straight forward and will order, control and influence all. You are strong diligent, and you work very hard to be successful. You are best situated for head of Religion,  Political Leader, and good administrator.

This number also indicates that you can shine well in teaching astrology politics, , medicine, and fine arts. You shy away from cheating and fraud and deceit. You would work hard to become a famous leader. At times you can become arrogant and proud and would blow your own trumpet, claim to be number one and often make false promises, and thus face failures. By this you generate enemies.

 If you are a fairer sex or a lady, you appear to be more grown up. You may get eye sight and may need to wear spectaculars in life soon. After 45, you may be a victim of hyper tension or heart disease or some chest ailments.




If you are born on the 2nd, 11th, 20th, and 29th, of any month the total when added of your birth number becomes 2 you are ruled by the planet  Moon.


This number ruled by moon influences your, thoughts, mind and imagination. Like water waves, you may have different moods of elevation and depression.

This tends to control your imagination, and allows you to become a great scholar. When your imagination runs out of control or amok, you seek to lose your head, and you wake up as a Lunatic or a mentally depressed person.


You could have a wavering temperament. In business, You toil and build the important toe or line of someone else than to work for your own profits. You find it to be an easy task to do this.


Since this planet Moon derives its light from the Sun. You too ought to shine in borrowed brightness and glory. As planet Moon do not show its one side to Earth. Similarly, you tend to hide your dark side from the public vision.


This planet shows that you are swayed by negative thoughts and suspicion. You show a rough exterior side to others. On the reverse side you are soft in your nature, like a cool glow of moon light. When someone becomes offensive against you, you are baffled and rattled. You try to compromise. But if someone is under your authority, you enslave them, terrorize them, and extract work from them.


At some point of time if some of your subordinate retaliates your emotions, you tend to become irritated and make you to surrender. This also makes you nurse fears about everyone and you do like to trust others. You like to do all by yourself. Numerology Meanings for No. 2 also reveal that, if you trust some persons, you fall for their flattery, and you get badly cheated. This is why, you have to be careful in your choice of friends. Assess well before choosing.




If you are born on the 3rd, 12th, 21st, and 30th, of any month, the total when added of your birth number becomes 3 you are ruled by the planet  Jupiter.


In Numerology, number 3 stands for Jupiter. He is named as Guru of Devtas in Heaven. The planet Jupiter is also the Lord of signs Sagittarius and Pisces in the zodiac signs 

Since planet Jupiter rules Number3.  It donates and signifies Wisdom Knowledge, Selflessness Sacrifice,  and Service.


This number 3 and the planet ruling it makes you honest, hardworking and intelligent.  You expect discipline from your colleagues and subordinates and also adhere to and obey your superiors implicitly. In spite being a tough exterior, you are not hard hearted. You only do what is reasonable for you and as per your conscience. You do not mind to help others, even without even thinking of any returns.


This number and the influence of this planet makes you orthodox. You follow your own culture and religion. You do not like to change your ways

of life as per social norms. But you shy away from asking for help on the contrary you would like to help others. Your self-respect prevents you from doing that. This name umber and planet makes you good and great in nature and you may appear to be proud superficially. The name number also get you into altruistic deeds. You attain high positions in politics, by your own efforts and hard work. As such you are considered to be a lucky chap. If anything is to come to you it comes only after your sincere hard work.


This number imparts you rise and promotion only through gradual rise step by step. You would not t desire for anything which you cannot perform. You most of the time try to remain content with whatever comes to you in the course of your life, by sincere hard  and honest work.


With this ruling number, you are of two types. One with a good self-confidence, and the other without weak and timid. If you are the first type, you are bold, confident in what you do. You fight for what is right and justified, neglecting and unmindful of your oppositions. You have a self -scarifying nature and you would not mind scarifying for your country in the need of any crises and you would be ready to  any suffering and personal loss.


Now if you happen to be of the second type, you would obey your elders and remain quiet. You work only for you and your family. Even if you do  something good,  you would justify yourself to be satisfied with a name, but may not get and publicity and become famous.

The added quality of this number is that it makes you the strong pillars of post in offices, institutions and in government departments. You would fill all the important government positions to serve officers, ministers and organizations. This number and planet also make you to shy away from earning a bad name. You stand for high regard and prestige. You are not interested to start or run a big institution. On the contrary you would like to work gladly for those who offer you good respect and service.

On the reverse side of it if your name number 3 gets weakened you turn out to be lazy, fond of vices gambling and do all unjust things. You become sensual, borrow funds, and fail to return, indulge in unlawful activities and even court imprisonment. Therefore, it is important to correct your name with positive vibrations of a new name by an expert.




If you are born on the 4th, 13th, 22nd, or 31st., of any month, you are ruled by No. 4. You are ruled by Planet Rahu.


With this number and planet you become the a well-known person and people take you as a  well-judged and well Informed person, well known, and a Source for Information, as a ready beckoner and an intelligent person.

You are a knowledgeable person who is   fond of, collecting information about all walks of life and is always busy. You mostly represent a circle. You can cause changes in social circle, and your society. It is often your opinion which counts as the main public opinion.


Your name is well known in social circles. You are like and your name is on the lips of every one, as an authority, when somebody needs any information.  You have the power of tongue to express, or gift of the gab or bridge. Your this number rules, your Intellect. You can cause and effect social revolutions. You make reformation and social changes by your speech and great literary writings. You are always seen busy talking to someone, or helping the others.

This makes you gather latest information on all subjects. You are the trusted source of information, on a wide range of subjects. We can see you in the street corners, restaurants, clubs and press meets. Your number represents The planet Earth. Its presiding lord is Ganesha .


Therefore, you happen to sharp and intelligent, soft spoken and pleasant. You are acquainted with almost everything and everyone. You have a wide range of friends. Your name makes you to be an authoritative person and your opinions cross others with the alternate views, If you are trying to be adamant, you also acquire secret enmity among your friend circles. Also if you name and nature is in affliction you possess the power to change this nature well in time, to become amiable to all. You can win almost all friends and influence people. But you tend to keep only surface friendship with the ost, and maintain only a few close  and sincere friends.


You are good in philosophy, literature, mythologies, research and religion. You keep on acquiring knowledge on a wider range of topics. This number makes you not so keen on becoming famous. You would like to fully enjoy life and are very much careful about your diet like your food and drinks. You are the one who asks for special medicines and tonics to improve your health.


On the positive side of it you are soft in nature. You are full of emotions and are easily hurt. But, you forget it quickly to get along well. Money does not come to you that easy.


You struggle for your earnings. But you enjoy spending money. You take pleasure in shopping for the latest gadgets in the and new electronics items in the market. You feel happy and get pleasure in keeping your house and drawing room very attractive.


You specially amaze your friends with your rare collections of different items. You are fond of games and you want to enjoy life to its fullest. During your old age, you do researches on Vedas, and philosophical literature. In your life, you think well, to indulge in those activities, which brings good wealth for you.


 On the negative side of it your number is not considered and favored to be a good number and

is often said that it is not good to have your name number as 4. If you have 4 as the day number and 8 as your life number, you will face lots of complications. It is always better for you to correct your name, by some expert fellow who can measure the vibrations of the number, and get the effect to a good change.




If you are born on the 5th, 14th, and 23rd, of any month, be sure that you are ruled by 5 and Planet is Mercury. You are ruled by Planet Mercury.  


If you re ruled by No. 5 and planet Mercury you often take daring risks, consider nothing as impossible to achieve. Your Intellect works with tremendous Speed, and you become quite popular and successful in a short span of time. You quickly think of new methods and ideas, for which others take months. You work so well and often take the lead for the rapid modern developments in our scientific life. You consider the whole world lags behind you. As you are fond of new business ventures and you do not get scared or are afraid of failures. You are lucky and successful and are liked by masses. Even If your day number is not 5 but your main number is 5, you start your life as per your day number; with the result you will be very popular in your later life. At times you can also be notorious, vagabond and non-reliable.


Your No. 5 gives you special powers of special attraction. Successful businessmen know this and change their business names to No. 5, in order to be successful. You can never fail. You fight back and win which makes you to constantly like changes and get into new enterprises. You are quite bored by routine.


Your spouse need to understand this secret of yours numerology. This number also ensures your business success. You can do any kind of business successfully. You think of quick tricky and novel ways of making money. If you fail it becomes the stepping stone for your next big venture. You also like to earn well and spend well. If your this number is well placed in your birth chart and exalted, then, you achieve great name and fame. You perform miraculous and memorable things. You invent new ideas, new ways of marketing and new methods. Your number 5 warns that you have to be careful with your secrets. You simply cannot hide anything from others and this being your weakness you tend to lose all that is gained.


Your number five makes you easily to fall in love. It is instant love and out of passion rather than any reason. Changing everything is your passion and                   

you love to change and this leads you to change your love quite often. You may end up in serious trouble for  you.


Natives with ruling numbers 9, 18, and 27 attract you much. They would rule over you in the long run. Thus you need to make a wise choice. Persons ruled by No. 5, are not blessed to get children easily. If both husband and wife have the same number and are ruled by No. 5, then the question of issues is delayed or at times denied. It is better for them to try from early stages. If your this number happens to be afflicted you lead a life of telling lies by trickery and cheating others with false and fraudulent methods. You mishandle public funds. To avoid all this, you must correct your names with accurate vibrations by a good numerologist.



If you are born on the 6th, 15th, and 24th, of any month, the total when added of your birth number becomes 6you are ruled by the planet Venus.


You would attain greatness in you gradually and this will transform your life to a status of comforts and luxury. No. 6 stands for Planet Venus this gives you an award to become are attractive, popular, and loved by all. This number will also make you to be fond of dance and music drama and theatre.


This loving number enriches you to dominate and rule over others. You would be surrounded by servants this will make you to lead a luxurious life. You tend to be gifted with name, fame, and riches. This number will also make you to love all attractive things. You will love beautiful things by nature and you will consider this life is to be fully enjoyable. You want to enjoy every moment and pleasure of your life. You possess a special quality to extract work from others in order to achieve your goals. And you work very hard, to make money.


This number and planetary influence makes you to become a great and good leader, and you would easily govern to rule experts, even though you do not have their knowledge.


You are helped by others to come up in your life. This also makes you excel in mantra, and all mystical sciences. You would get help from others, but you do not always reciprocate. You make false promises, and fail to keep them.  You do not indulge in any superficial schemes and are always careful about your money and bank balance.


Number six makes you to give less and take more from others who serve you. Even if you make a go at others, there will be a money motive behind that. You will calculate profits and then only start anything. This number makes you to decorate your home with attractive things. And this makes you to spend money on costly and beautiful things. You love to be surrounded by opposite sex. Your love for ornaments and attraction for beauty makes you to lead a luxurious life.


You are a sweet-tongued person and by way of this nature you accumulate wealth using others method help and their talents, just to  make your life look beautiful. Natives with 6 as their number are born lucky. They are very attractive, which makes others like you.


You are talented in your persistence and you achieve success. You would like to purchase success at any price thus you would enjoy others work and sacrifice. You are gifted with great riches and wealth. You tend live in a grand luxury.


If this number is in affliction it makes you to become a cheater. You cheat others very cunning and boldly. People known to you often get themselves cheated by you. You speak sweet and attractive words to delude and cheat them.                         


This number when it is in powerful condition and the planet Venus influences you in a positive manner you enter the fields of medicine, religion, in all mystic sciences like mantras and tantras and false remedies,  about which yourself may not  know anything. But you pretend to possess the a deep knowledge of everything. Thus you speak lies, to cheat others and make a living for yourself. You are not afraid of failures. You boldly try and try again to achieve great success.

                          Ketu Neptune


If your are born on 7, 16, or 25 in any month, you are ruled by Number 7. total when added to your birth number it becomes 7  which indicates you are Ruled by Planet  Ketu , Neptune


This number and planet makes you a saint a religious person and above all a philosopher. As far as your luck of natives of number seven is concerned, they lack to be lucky, in spite of their mental caliber and immense knowledge. If at all they become successful it is only after a lot of extreme hard work, struggle and hardships.  Success eludes you in all your endeavors.


Many persons fail and end up doing small jobs and many others live with unfulfilled wishes desires and ambitions. Your ambitions tend to be more successful than your works of personal gain. You are bound to succeed, only if you work for others, than for your own profit.


The number seven persons have great powers of the mind and intellect. Since this number is ruled by Ketu which is a signification for wisdom. The 7 born are usually religious and inclined to be great thinkers and philosophers. On the positive side natives with number seven as their number are gifted with greater will power. Because of high mental energy, they talk less and speak in silence. However they can be good leaders but poor followers.

Such natives are often moody even with close persons. They easily become short tempered. Hence, they have few friends and do not properly enjoy their marital life. You tend to live separately or opt for divorce. The seven born fairer sex are seldom graced by beauty. Often their feminine charm is missing. They too find marriage bit difficult and feel unhappy in their married lives.


                          Ruled by SATURN


                           Saturn And No. 8


In Name Numerology, No. 8 stands for Planet Saturn total when added to your birth number it becomes 8 which indicates that you are ruled by Planet Saturn.


Be sure that you are ruled by number 8 if you face too many obstacles, often meet with accidents, Donít feel unlucky, it may be effect of Saturn.


When this number is well placed in your birth chart or when it is exalted it makes you to become a saint, a religious follower. But if it happens to get afflicted, it makes you to commit crimes. Also if your Life number alone is 8, you will get the traits and qualities of No. 8 in due course of your life, and may undergo many sufferings your early days throughout your life. This number leads to you to face a lot of obstacles, which you may suffer from your childhood. You get small and little things, only after great struggles. You meet with many unexpected failures, accidents, and rejections. You would have too many risks even when you hold high positions.


When this gets into purity, you get the power to understand the scriptures. You are filled with compassion, love, and mercy. You sacrifice for the poor and the sick and will work for the


down trodden. You spend your life in serving the poor and the sick. You get into religious teachings. You are eager to strike with God.


This number tends to makes you appear nice and clean. But from inside, you are see things with rage and thoughts of revenge. You revel in plans of rape fraud cheating, blackmails, murder and enter into the trade of counterfeit currencies. This also drives you to commit crimes and fill the prisons. But the same time, though you harbor such thoughts, but you lack the courage to do such acts. The planet Saturn that rules your number reveals that he stands for justice and administers it without fear or favor. He weighs your past deeds and punishes you and you get the deserved fruits accordingly.                  

These holy texts written on name numerology describe the bad luck of No. 8, but fails as how to escape from its evil effects. Intensive researchers have written that by changing names, the evil and bad effects for such persons are reduced to mere small events.


It has been said and told that if you modify your name number as to be 5 you would be buried from all evil effects of the bad planetary influence of this planet Saturn. Number 5 adds the power of good luck to you. Therefore, whatever are your sufferings with number 8, and if you have a proper name change in the tune and vibrations of No. 5, you are sure to escape from bad luck and ill effects. Hence with the help of an expert you need to change your name in the proper vibration of No. 5 that suits you.


                           Mars and No. 9


If your number falls on the 9th, 18th, and 27th, of any month, you are ruled by 9 and Planet Mars. This number when added happens to be 9 you can confirm it that you are ruled by this number and planet only. Number nine is ruled by Mars.

Your number 9 is the highest in the series from 1 to 9. When multiplied to any number by this number 9, it bounces back to 9. And per this you will attain to the status as shown by 9 and if your number is single nine, you develop the qualities for 9 only. When you a fight for a cause, or rebel against an oppression, and fight for your country, you are ruled by Number nine.


You shine as a lawyer, chemist, doctor or a technician. This is the number that of a person born as a man who walks intelligently, on a road full of blood spots and stains, not seeing the danger below him. It tells you that your life is covered with dangers and accidents. This number also makes you a born fighter. You will everything without any fear and this makes you an embodiment of courage.

This number fills your life with struggles. You happen to struggle with oppression, cruelty and authority and poverty. You would be fitted with the skills of the plumber, the machinist, the carpenter, the farmer, the doctor and the scientist or an engineer. You fight against the old and create a new order. You construct buildings, dams, and bridges. You also destroy them with bombs, in an emergency, or during war. You are the back bone of any civilization or any generation.


This number and planet generates love your country and are also in love your with your society which in turn makes you to help your fellow citizens. You would sacrifice everything for your nation. You also tend to fight for the rights and freedom of your fellow countrymen.

This number also makes you join the army, navy, or the air force. For most, you try to become a police officer. You like to handle the fire arms, machine guns, and bombs without any fear. You obey rules and you also demand obedience. You fight for your honor. You sacrifice your life for your country. You are blessed with sharp intellect. You appear cool in any crisis. You hide your feelings. But you plan secretly to defeat your enemies. You weigh all the pros and cons and strike to win and get it without much difficulty.


Many of you happen to become scholars and philosophers and intellectuals. This also makes you fit to become an intelligent leader and a good politician. When this number happens to be afflicted or is less lucky you tend betray your emotions and engage in quarrels. You generate enemies in this manner and waste your energy.                                  

If your number is affected by evils, it gives you a feeling of pride. You are charged with greed and jealousy. You brood on your weaknesses and on your enemies. You burst with anger. You become a nasty street fighter.


You are good at rare inventions. This fact gives you deep insights into chemistry and medicine. You exhibit your special powers, when your number is in exalting position. Be warned that you should not be polluted by bad associations of No. 2, 4, 7 or 8. When 9 is afflicted by your day number or name number, you are rude. You acquire bad traits and evil habits. When 9 is afflicted, you turn arrogant and commanding. You dictate terms. You are filled with lust. You get addicted to drugs and alcohol. You take pleasure in torturing and hurting others.

You can have your name organized and you should not have your name in Numbers matching the twos sevens or eights.  If at all that is so in such situations, that you must correct your number 9 numerology by making your name vibrate in perfect harmony with your day and life numbers. Get it rectified and corrected by an expert numerologist, who can measure your name vibrations. Your number also attracts people to come forward to help you.


A single person like you will not make the most and you cannot be built without the helps from persons known to you and in your circle. You have people, all around and you only need to find them to succeed. Hence you need to apply your numerology compatibility to choose for best help and enlist their support you will succeed to be a winner.                                



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