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In general Twos are very sensitive emotional people. They do not have the one raging ambition but are content to work more in the back ground often as support for more dominant people. Two's analyze a situation and are conscious of the dynamics of emotional interrelationships at work and at home.


They tend toward perfectionism (even-net picking) and should be allowed to work at their own pace. They will do anything to bring harmony into situation and often they will stay with an unpleasant situation longer then they should. Two's  tend to be plagued by worries that stem from a fear of the unknown.


Your social life and the mate are very important to your sense of wellbeing. You may find more accomplishment through having good friends then you do from your employment. You are easily affected from environment and should only work with people with whom you are compatible. In a conflict, you tend to be a peacemaker.


You may not let on what your real feelings are in the conflict. You may work long hours to please someone. You crave affection and usually remember other peopleís birthday. You reply conversation looking for things you might say or wondering if someone has an ulterior motive. You are high strung and should not overtax your talents for music and arts.


You love beautiful things but often don't want to push yourself to get them. You are patient and excel at detail work. Do not compare yourself and your accomplishment with those who may have more assertive or competitive numbers.


As the most feminine among all numbers, Number 2 is the most under estimated number when it comes to judging its power and strength. Hence it is  mostly termed as the great feminine number.

As this number seeks to be quite understanding, tactful, diplomatic, and gentle and  itself aloof, maintains itself by keeping silent, peaceful and will try to avoid confrontations as possible as possible as anything.



If we look at its shape, we would find and recognize a symbolic gesture of its survivor and an extremely mild force. Its shape and size is like a bent on its knees with its head and back bowed in humility and forgiveness, which makes it easy to recognize it as weak and powerless creature.


This is in sharp contrast to the powerful and the mighty and number 1, who does not allow itself to bow to anyone at any cost.


On the other hand, when the humble and feminine 2 finds itself under attack and burdened with a crushing weight, it allows itself to bend and bends as much as demanded.



If and when the weight is removed, its flexibility and its elastic, force come right back up to its normal position, just with no or little harm done and this number will continue to play its role.                                 

The common strength and power of number 2 is  resilient and lasting, just like its shape which largely beautifies its nature and beauty. There is much more to its eye, and it is often the true power behind its skill and caliber.

As we are familiar to the leadership and decisive qualities of birth no 1, which contradicts  the advice of his greatest folly , the number 2 as number twos are smart and possess the underlying qualities and gives the direction to the people as what is to be done. This birth number people generally controls the path of certain events without anyone else knowing or acknowledging it .



Resulting the credibility going to the other birth number people whereas this birth number simply looks on to itself.


The best of number 2 natives is that when the credibility is taken by others they are not bothered at all and being the most patience number as these natives know that their time will come.


The other positive quality being is that even if they does not get the recognition they deserve, they often tend to take a special place in the hearts and minds of others due to their grace, style and their excellent taste in the field of music art and literature.



The 2 natives have the in-born quality and sense of music with proper rhythm which makes them popular among social people, and it is in their area of play and art that thy shines as a dancers good speakers and bold conversationalist. With the quality of social environment within them, which is perhaps their most important asset It is their sense of humor that is witty and self-depreciating.





Your birth date is the master of inspiration. All Twos are sensitive and this is especially true for you. This is the number of the teacher or of someone who function as exemplar. If you are female you may be unusually pretty. If male you may have refined characteristics or be interested in aesthetic pursuits. You may find yourself in the limelight. Successful areas are Television, poetry, metaphysics, art, psychology and spiritual work.


You have a tendency to fall in love with peoples and ideas. You may always be on the verge of success yearning to do something almost impossible. Eleven can fall into menial work while nurturing a strong sense that they are meant for better things. Try to find some talent that you can express.


Number 11 represents your connection to your subconscious, and to your instinct. as number 11 has all the qualities of 2, the negative points of the number follow with anxiety, shyness, stressed energy which is balanced out by the quality of number 2.


If you have 11 in your birth date you most likely will experience anxiety and fear. It's extremely powerful and capable of great things, when used


correctly. You can create personal power and spiritual evolution. You should not deny your instincts, and your inner, guiding voice to push it to toward a great goal. Number 11 is a number of faith, and very much associated with psychics, saints and prophets.


Number 11 is a number with potentials which are difficult to live up to as you have the capacity to be irrational, and lead merely by your own living. However your inborn inner strength and awareness can make you an, social worker, philosopher, or advisor or an excellent teacher.


No matter what area of work you are into, you are quite aware and sensitive to the highest sense of your judgment and environment. Your intuition is strong; in fact, many psychic people and those


involved in occult science have the number 11 as your own express. You possess a good mind with keen analytical ability. and you can probably succeed in most lines of work. You will do better outside of the business world. You are more content working with your ideals, rather than being practical in terms of money matters.


The positive aspects are idealistic attitude, long term thinking, far reaching effects of actions and plans, y our support and for art, music, and beauty in any form.


The negative qualities are associated with a continuous sense of nervous tension; you can at times be too sensitive and temperamental. You tend to dream a lot and may be more of a dreamer than a actioner, you are sometimes very


impractical. You would like to spread the spat of your knowledge to others irrespective of their need and desire.




If your birthday is on the twenty ninth of any month, you are highly intuitive and creative. Your spiritual interest is generally heightened. Your number adds up too eleven which is the master number of inspiration in the mystical spiritual world. Like the11, you need to stay grounded by activities that offer discipline and immediate reward (such as working in the garden, cooking, sewing, building).


You will have to watch your moods and know what to do before they get out of hand. You may be an inspiration to others and may attract the lime light through teaching or your art. You can also find success in occupations such as accounting and waiting tables, while pursuing your artistic


interest. If a women, you may be very pretty, or as a man you have rather gentlemanly features. You also possess leadership abilities. Your mind thinks in pictures. Your intuition makes you a wonderful counselor and healer. When you are in a dark mood you get depressed easily due to the lack of confidence.


You are polite, modest and diplomatic. You love beauty and harmony and you have the ability to persuade, and at times can be quite forceful. You log in to social attention. At times you can be very emotional, often in the gates of happiness and sadness. You are sensitive and easily influenced by your surroundings this making you to easily get hurt. You have a special talent of inspiring people. Many people admire you without your knowing the truth of it. You sense your wisdom. You have fine mind keen insights and you to lead your life by


inspiration, rather by calculated reflections. You are imaginative and creative and your intuition is your godís gift. You seem to draw information and ideas from out of the sky. You are also driven by spiritual pursuits that no matter what you do in life, the world of spirit and philosophy will be central to your daily events. You are very aware and sensitive, with outstanding intuitive skills and analytical abilities adds a tone of idealism to your nature.


Natives of number 29 often suffer from nervous tension. They would only work quite well with the people of the same number. This number belongs to the number 2 in numerology with this effect they believe less in peace and ahimsa. They start a fight in some way or the other, would play pranks or start a quarrel with someone unknown or known to them. They are generally termed as


fighter cocks. They donít usually trust anyone. They very insecure in most part of their life. These folks keep on thinking whom to trust and whom not to trust and often complaint that their best and good friends have cheated or deceived them.  They generally boast of courage, but in reality they are quite timid and fearful but rather most uncomfortable. There is a great amount of fear in them, and their morality is not true in their public life. If somebody dare them or stand against them then they get afraid and retreat, but if they find that the person is weak, then they will prowl on them and intimidate them.


With the influence of the planet moon twenty nine born natives mostly complain about one thing or the other and they never settle for things so easily. Their minds are very wavering and unstable due to the supreme effect of this planet. Women too are


very jealous, short tempered, and envy others. People born on 29 are liable to get into the bad habits or bad friendship, and they must refrain themselves from these false temptations to reach a good place in life. When the planet moonís effect is bad these people can become extremely violent and dangerous. During trouble times, when they are emotional or sad, they themselves fall to prey about suicide or ending life. This type of nature is often seen in category two people.


The positive side of number 29 born is that they possess abundance creativity, originality, intuition, and the power of argumentation. The career best suitable for them are arts, entertainment, lawyers, here they can intensely use their positive energies to attain higher status in society. They are very good actors, and can also excel in TV and film industry.


As they have the habit and tendency to argue very long, they can be at their best in becoming a lawyer. Even women born on twenty ninth must try to control their temper during full moon days.


These natives are in possession of spiritual strength, since their life is filled with uncertainties, deception from unreliable friends, unexpected dangers and considerable grief caused by the opposite sex the spiritual power in them, saves them from all uncertainties. This number is also an indication and warning to them in the area of their personal career and life.  If it happens to be a compound number the name need to be changed in the spelling to get them lifted out this vibrating force. If 29 is the birth number, it must be made to dilute and to neutralize, or erase this karmic burden by choosing a new name (or spelling) with a strongly positive compound key number.


They need to remember that the development of absolute faith in goodness and the absolute power of the Self and with the constant and energetic cultivation of optimism will help them to act as a remedial medicine for the problems of their life.

If they have learned to accept troubles, and have also learned not to blame others or seek revenge for the bad that they have suffered they will have to change their name number to a powerful number which will change their destiny and make them a happen person in their lives.


Positive Trends: Strong, Feminine, Sensitive, Friendly, Companionship, Tactful, Peacemaker, Kind, Thoughtful, Psychic, Cooperative, Reflective, Creative, Communication, Diplomatic, Adaptable, Rhythmic, Gentle, Harmonious, Receptive, Considerate


Negative trends: Unforgiving, Indecisive. Dependent, pitiable, Emotional, , sensitive, , non-co-operative Carelessness, Strident Tactless, Extremist, Dishonest. Must accept troubles.




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