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Happy outgoing, forever, optimistic, vivacious, talkative, scattered all these describe the threes. Lovers of social life and recreation, Threes do not enjoy hard physical employment. They may excel at sales and will always have several projects going on at once. Work must feel creative for them to be happy. They are not overly concern about money or the future.


They are spontaneous and impulsive. They must learn to be focused and not overly self-indulge. When positive they bring joy and light to all situations. All Threes easily overcome physical illness.


They are charming quick to see the humor in any situation but can be somewhat unreliable. They may spread themselves over several projects because they like to keep themselves busy.


They are energetic, but easily distracted. Their social life is of a great concern to them. Having many friends they need to budget a sizeable amount of gifts because they are also generous.


They love spontaneous get-together and may be the one in the office to suggest the going out of drinks or taking up a collection for a birthday party. They naturally embellish stories and events. You are known for youthfulness, certain intensity in


style and while friends may laugh about your scattered ness, you are love by them.


As we are aware that numbers have their own unique qualities and personalities and each of them having different signs. To know a good understanding of how numbers influence and affect us, we ought to get to gather and know each single-digit number in detail as how a person carries his own, personality his weakness and his strength of will power.


Detail description of the unique combination and union between the numbers 1 and 2 has been penned above as the main numbers of the main number family while describing the deep contradiction in nature of each of the number and their personalities.                               

Now, we move on to what could be considered the result of their union:


The number 3, an extraordinarily talented child. They are like a small gifted kids who are still under the protection of its elders somewhat spoiled, and always in need of guidance. However, the most of the number 3 are in the field of creation.


The powerful feelings, ideas and visions of the imagination, person with number 3s will seek a career in art. Their social skills are also excellent.      


Many are drawn to three in their charts and are even willing to forgive traits like a lack of focus and direction, a habit of coping others. Also a caliber to finish projects and an not willing to take responsibility.


It is easy for number three to enjoy day-to-day life as long as everything is well, but when challenges  arise  it becomes quite evident, that most of the threeís focus has been on that exterior, leaving its fortitude at bay. Number three succumbs to difficulties unless friends and family move in to support it.


Having birth date as 3 is likely to add a good of vitality to your life. The energy of 3 allows you to bounce back rapidly from all kinds of setbacks, be it mental or physical.


They have a natural ability to express themselves in public, and always make a very good impression. Good with words, they excel in writing, speaking, and possibly singing. They are energetic and always a good conversationalist. They are affectionate and loving, but sometimes too sensitive.  


You have one of the most magnetic birth dates. You have an exceptional ability to express yourself, be convincing, and persuade others. Your mind goes right to the heart at any issue. You are idealistic, yet logical and can be brilliant.

You are easily bored and often tired of people ones you have picked their brains. You have a great need to charm and need to flirt. Your eye for color and design, especially in photography, is outstanding. You love the media-movies,  

magazines, television and keep up to date on who is whom. You are something of a celebrity of yourself. The number 12 is a complete cycle of experience and when an individual has number 12 as the birth number it leans towards a higher consciousness. 

 This number points to a group of developed souls who have accumulated an unusual inner strength.  Their old habits need to be changed.  The soul then attracts what it needs as a learning experience.  

Number 12 should tend to be alert to every situation, to be suspicious of those who offer a false flattery and those who use it to gain their own ends. 

Number 12 represents the learning process of all levels, and the sacrifice necessary to achieve the wisdom on both Spiritual and Intellectual levels.  The number 12 generally need a partner who is honesty in their communication.  They are quick to get attracted to people who are bright, happy, independent and lively.  

Laughter is quite an important part of their lives and they have inquiring minds to collect data on interesting subjects because they enjoy mental stimulation and enjoyment of mental nature. 

 People get attracted towards them as they possess a wide range of knowledge about the world and its people.  They donít like being told that they cannot do a thing . The more talented they become, about their abilities they become more cautious about it.

 They possess a high degree of artistic talent that emerges in virtually everything. They take seriously, their home, cooking, the way they express themselves, when committed to.

 They enjoy more entertaining people with stories, jokes, or witty remarks. They have plenty of vitality and are especially talented in the verbal and writing skills.  

The positive aspects : imaginative and quick-witted versatile, energetic and professional, perceptive attributes and abilities family consciousness, friendly in their relationships, and rather shy.                                      



You may be a bit quieter and less impulsive then other Threes, very sensitive and more likely to think things through before speaking. You have a great imagination and may be prone to dreaming, perhaps writing poetry. You may be natural singer or songwriter. You may be content to have fewer, but closer friends then other Threes.

You are high strung and should avoid analyzing things too much. You may find you have a tendency of infatuations (due to seeing people in a rosier light through your imagination and sense of drama). You may be gullible. You love pleasure and aesthetic pursuits. You definitely avoid manual labor if at all possible.

You would have the energy to bounce back rapidly from early setbacks, of physical or mental nature. At times there would restlessness in your nature, but you seem to be able to show an easygoing attitude and nature in you, You have a special and natural ability to express yourself in public, and you always make a very good impression on others.  

You dream of artistic expression; writing, painting, music. You would seek to more freely express your inner feeling and obtain more enjoyment from life. You also dream of being more popular, likable, and appreciated .Good in literary pursuits, you excel well in singing writing, and speaking, You are energetic and always are good conversation.    

You have a good and keen imagining power, and are talented in writing and verbal skills. But it is often seen that you generally tend to waste your energies and become involved with too many things which are unnatural and superficial.  

Your mind is quite practical emanation and rational despite having this tendency and you are able to jump out of the awkward situations. You are quite affectionate charming and loving, but at the same time very sensitive. You are subject to rapid ups and downs in your life and you often take it as a very serious matter.  

You are highly creative, a vivacious soul and dynamic a creature who carries immense vigor & energy and believes in living every moment of life.                                           

You are generally possessed with a strong will to succeed. You have a social gift. Your imagination is highly charged. You get along well with others and generally enjoy peopleís company and their environment condition. You are quick witted and can think on your feet. Both your mind and body are vital and seemingly sparklingly with life.  

You are talented in verbal skills, scribbling, writing and speaking. You can be a successful, writer, editor cum artist. You are energetic inspiring and enthusiastic and willing to learn whatever comes in your way. You can uplift or enlighten a party or social gatherings and may serve as the life of the party. You feel pleasure in becoming a limelight of your social gatherings. You are an excellent speaker and salesman. Your focus your energies deeply in a specific field make the most of your life as winner.

Your imagination runs out of control. You must develop yourself and your talents in order to make the most of your life. You can easily let charm and wit pass for outstanding work. Your challenge is to ground and focus your energies deeply in a specific field or subject. Your love runs deep and you can be passionate. More often you seem to be on the receiving end of affection, simply because people are charmed by you or attracted to your charismatic and dynamic personality.

 People with 21 as their number are the ones who would party hard after working hard as they are sincere personalities but never forget to live life. The people with this number carry a great charisma in their presence and are magnetic other people generally like to be with them.

Positive qualities : creative, a vivacious writer, editor cum artist. Charismatic and dynamic personality inspiration, creativity, love unions, long lasting relationships and verbal skills


Negative traits: imagination runs out of control disappointment, fear of change dependency, nervousness, over emotionalism, lack of vision, and unnecessary involvement in too many things.



You have exceptional high energy. Your enthusiasm is infectious; you can motivate and persuade others. You are outspoken and have a flair for having just the right word or fact to win a argument. You may have strong psychic ability. You would be a excellent teacher, actor, or musician. You would make a wonderful minister. You are serious and intense about what interest you, but will find it difficult to fulfill old promises. Like other Threes, you are flirtatious. Guard against a tendency to drink too much or overspend on cloths and socializing.




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