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 4   FORTH








In general those with a birth date of Four are called the "salt of the earth". Loyal, productive, earnest, Fours love home, family, and country. They prefer secure environments and stability. They take a cautious approach and enjoy working with their hands.


They are builders and managers. While Fours are traditionalist they are also enthusiastic supporters of measure that result in reform, improvement and efficiency.


You succeed through business, management, production, and anything connected to building and the earth. You learn things the hard way and have confidence that you can learn anything if shown the principles.


You may have trouble seeing the "big picture". You can be very cautious and careful in approach to work and life in general. You must make an effort to keep up to date. With fundamentals no frill thinking you have strong ideas about the right way to do things. You may work on several manual jobs in your life before working your way up to a position where your experience is respected.


You make you a better manager and organizer. You may be more responsible and self-disciplined. Sincere and                                   


honest, you are a serious and hardworking individual. Your feelings are likely to seem somewhat repressed at times. You have on your ability to show and express affections, as feeling are very closely regulated and controlled.


For number four natives there is a good deal of rigidity and stubbornness associated with them as they happen to be Powerful, builder, egocentric, and unpredictable.  

Non-conforming, strong, hard to keep up with energetically. Very mental, hard to grasp, like                

relating through a smokescreen, evasive. Good sense of order, keen observation skills. You radiate reliability and consistency. People trust you and feel secure with your judgment.


You are seen as a cornerstone of a business, and are relied upon to do you work efficiently and expertly.


You have strength and respectability. You tend to dress in a utilitarian manner, concerned mostly with convention, practicality, durability, Reliability Consistency and price.


You present yourself as someone who values correctness, control, and precision. You want


to be judged on the basis of your performance, rather Minor Personality


You are frugal and have learned to respect the dollar. You are concerned about the security of your future and those you love; however, this may appear to others as a bit too austere.





You do well in business involved with manufacturing commerce real estate and building (especially remodeling). You are more capable of verbal expression then those born on the 4th and posses creative ability that absorb you. You would like to be more socially successful, find a great deal of satisfaction in your work. You have an exceptional ability to reform and improve any situation or condition. You may have strong emotional nature that erupts suddenly because you have tendency to ignore your feelings.


You have excellent concentration. Your discipline comes to rely upon you. You can work hard; need be careful not to become overworked to the point that you no longer take time to waste. Yet you may feel that you have to find the work that you truly would love to do or were meant for you. Your challenge is to make the most of what you are. There may be a feeling that your talents are buried. This can lead to try many different vocations and you may try to find some alternative against all odds. Your co-workers recognize your discipline and come to rely upon you. Your challenge is to make the most of what you are doing right now.


Using your considerable perseverance and determination. You need to raise the work you are currently responsible for to a high value of favorable result.


You would also need to cultivate faith and a willingness to apply yourself to the in order to develop such an attitude, or else you may wander from job to job, relationship to relationship friendship to friendship.


You can be stubborn and rigid, and this can, and lead to frustration and depression for you. Things seem to take to reciprocation, especially when you resist bringing fresh approaches into your unique ways of doing things.


The ways to your success are your willingness to discipline in your life, and make the most of every opportunity that comes your way in terms of being a winner and a successful person.




You have a great love for your family, its tradition and the community. You are the architect of any work you commit to, you get your work done with great zeal and accuracy.


You possess a considerable amount of talent and  are always looking  for some solid form of expression. Your subordinates get impressed with your discipline and come to trust on you. You may feel that you have yet to found the work you truly love to do.


You may also have a  feeling that at times your talents are buried in depth and it becomes difficult   




or you to find them and your challenge would be to make the most of it to search and find them.


The nature is guiding you. You need to make a habit of faith and apply yourself to the matter when at work. If you refuse to develop such an habit, you may wander from job to job, relationship to relationship and friendship to friendship.


Your positive qualities: initiative ambition, creativity, independence , self-expression, love of freedom


Your negative nature: unemotional, rebelliousness impulsiveness, indecision, bossism, and at times cruelty.



This minister number requires you to work for the universal good rather than for personal ambition. This means that spiritual study should be a large part of your education. You are competent at almost anything you undertake.


You will find that your varied experience will some day be appropriate in a very challenging project. Your work must meet your ideals; you may pursue a hobby because you feel it will eventually pay off. You are not interested in status or luxury, but in making a significant contribution and living your life in a meaningful manner.



You will recognize a special quality in others. You are subject to a good deal of nervous tension. You can be single minded and realize your power is channeled from above. You are sensitive, analytical, and capable of handling large scale undertakings, with immense power to judge and having the capacity of assuming of working long and hard towards their completion.


Especially in your early years of your life, there is rigidity or stubbornness in you, and you tend to hide that feeling. Idealistically, you work for the greater cause with a good deal of inner strength and power within you. You have the qualities of an orderly and patient fellow. You can easily approach a problem methodically and systematically and can solve it without much difficulty. You are very aware and intuitive powers within you.

You possess the capacity to start your enterprise small and take practical steps toward enlarging it to its full scope. For greater strength, you can be deeply afraid of the dimensions of your ambitions. If your challenge is to be done willing you have a gift for seeing both the details of a plan and how it should be unfolded although you may secretly feel that nothing will measure up to your original dream.


You have a strange character. You like both good and bad. But the evil elements in bad attract you more. Therefore, you will look for special opportunities to drift into evil ways. With this subsequently, you can turn away from your  goal and ambitions and this results in sad result with  disappointment knocking at resulting in the  sacrifice of your dream because of fear of failure.



Your solutions tend to be unique. You have good talents to make money. You keep your own counsel and have much inner strength. You will win in competitions, races, gambling, and other speculative games.  On the other hand you can be nervous and suffer grave doubts about yourself, which you also tend to hide from others. Making it possibility that you will be surrounded by people who wait for exploiting your weakness.


Therefore, you need to be more careful even with your near and dear. You have to keep a constant watch over your friends too. Any one of them or a group of these persons can cheat you. You need to work for the universal good rather than for personal ambition. This means that the spiritual study in you should be, in greater part of your


career. You are competent at almost anything you undertake. You will find that your varied experience will someday be appropriate in a very challenging project. Your work must meet your ideals with which you may pursue a hobby because you feel it will eventually pay off.


You are not interested in status or luxury, but in making a significant contribution and living your life in a meaningful manner. You may have many friends. You will recognize a special quality in others. Your number as twenty-two will also display originality, competence and reformative abilities. You can be single minded and serious and need to feel in control. You must realize your power is channeled from above. You are sensitive, analytic, and judgmental.


Due to the intense vibration people with number twenty two as their birth no are born to get the sense of obligation in life and purity of consciousness. Quite often they tend to face amazing events have challenging years of early life, yet they often lead extraordinary lives after learning to utilize their full potential.


Positive qualities: master builder. Great accomplisher. unique qualities unorthodox approach to problem solving. strong leader, can in a positive vein, you possess practical approach, idealist, development inner strength is charisma to attract a the world.


Negative Traits: negative expression unorthodox methods, eccentricity. Dominating at times confused and over commanding.



You derive great satisfaction from working with your hands and may be a sculptor or painter. You may have very high ambition for yourself. You are very traditional love your friends and remember their birthdays.


You may be a great cook. You love to travel and socialize, but work for extremely long hours if motivated. You do not enjoy living alone and will take on solicitous attitude towards your mate. You love talk about yourself and your plans and expected others to be interested.



You are an excellent care taker organizer and manager. You have a great love for your community. You would follow family tradition and community rules. You are the foundation stone of any enterprise. You are dependable and quite an energetic worker. You possess a good amount of talent that is searching for concrete forms of expression. You can work hard, long and continuously. As long as you tend to take good care of yourself, you have excellent power of concentration and vision.


You love travel and don't like to live alone. For this you should marry quite early for the sake of responsibility and stability. You being practical thinker with strong imagination you often show success in the business matter. Being sincere and serious you possess, patience and determination necessary to accomplish great heights.


The keys to your success are your willingness and your sincere hard work. Your fellows recognize your discipline and come to trust and rely upon you in order to maintain order and discipline in their life, and for the most opportunities that come in their lives. Basically, you may feel that you have yet to find the work you truly love or were meant to do. There may be a feeling that your talents are buried too deep for you to find them. This can lead you to try many different vocations without a feeling that you have truly found your place.

The stars and this universe guide you always. But you need to cultivate faith and willingness in yourself. If you refuse to develop such an attitude, you may wander from place to place, job to job, friendship to friendship relationship to relationship. Therefore you must use your considerable perseverance and determination.


You do not care about materialistic possessions or gains, about the money losses or the superficial profits; itís the freedom of speech and action that you care most. Freedom to do all things at will is your main desire.


Number 31 are the people who act according to their  own will and heart, and they happen not get into any sort of thing which acts against their mental happiness even if the all the thing are of good lucrative attraction. They enjoy deep research and studies of human psychology, Astrology, religious scriptures and occult sciences.


If the natives of number 31 do not care for the good vibrating number matching their birth no and keep any name accordingly to their wish and will they are likely to lead a goalless wanderlust,


Vagabond life. In this way, they are become the real rebels in their own society who defy the traditions and social practices. Even if success comes on their way, they donít cherish it or embrace it with passion but to the contrary, they will nonattached and uninterested. Hence forth non matching number should be avoided in their own interest.


Their skill will help them to raise their own status in life and with this unique skill they would be helping the people by knowledge of scriptures, science and mathematics. They desire to be as free, as a bird and so they do not like to live under the control of others. They know something about everything. They will express their ideas bluntly through speech and writing.  People will seek their advice.


They are prone to lust and they often visit various places for the sake of gathering the knowledge of competitive skill. In this way, they enrich themselves with wide experience. During a conversation, they will wait till the other person completes his speech but will tend to interfere.


When provoked and they become angry at once. But as they grow older with the year to come, they will gather some experience and will improve themselves. Whatever it may be, they are not deterred by worries. For a short while they may feel sad but soon they will drive out the shady thoughts.

Natives having number 31 as their number have high nervous power. They are quite tall and their looks are majestic. They have good power of wisdom and talented thoughts.


They are seen helping others and with all these qualities they are praised by one and all. If anyone sheds tears narrating his difficulty, these people feel proud in joining him. They have an extremely sharp brain and are capable of replying at lightning speed. They are welcomed everywhere. They would not become addicted to any bad habit. Even if they happen to get into this, they have the power to give it up soon.


They would strain themselves to collect and earn and money. But when they want to spend it, with a merry heart their tension starts and this leads to unhappiness. When alone, they will feel sorry for their spending and extravagance. Though they are mentally bold yet they are stubborn and rigid. This behavior can, often, lead to frustration and repression for them. Things seem to take for better especially when they leave their rigidity.

It is generally not good if your name number does not contribute to find worldly enjoyments or worldly success. This will lead you to be a poor husband or parent. You must examine your name properly to see if it does contain any bad alphabet. Bad combination of alphabets in your number can cause you loss, defamation, and accidents. Hence forth the power of numbers advises you to avoid negative numerology in your name.


Positive Traits: quite tall and their looks are majestic master builder scale solving. strong leader, well practical approach, the idealist, charisma to attract.


Negative Traits: stubborn and rigid , undertakings unorthodox approaches to problems, unnecessary ,spending,  extravagant.





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