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In general, Nine are broad minded, idealistic, generous loving people with multiple talents. They are interested in universal good and often go into fields where there is broad scope. Music, Art, drama, healing arts, the ministry, metaphysics, social reform any area is open to them. They have a strong need to express the self, but not necessarily in the more ego-centered way of the One or Eight. Nines can be diffused and vague.


They are very vulnerable to outside influences and often experience difficulty in deciding what they are going to be or in making decision in general.      


Young Nines may choose an eccentric life style to rebel against tradition.


They may or may not continue on that path depending on who they meet and the experiences that influence them. Nines need too learn not to take everything personally. They will take up causes and wonder why others are not so involved as they are. They will do well in groups that strives to reform and educate. All nines have dramatic style whether in their dress, speech, manner, or philosophy. They can be distant and cool.


You can succeed in any artistic, healing, teaching, philanthropic, or musical line of work. You are idealistic and emotional. Life is serious for you and you feel such a need to be of service to the world that you have trouble making up your mind about

which carrier you follow. You are very capable but have some trouble concentrating on everyday details.


You become absorbed in whatever interest you and you have many interests. You may have a metaphysical outlook towards world problems. You will find yourself involved with much group work throughout your middle years. You may travel extensively and your life will always be full of surprises. You may be drawn to transformational work through therapy.

When you multiply any number by 9, then add the resulting digits and reduce them to a single digit, it always becomes a 9. For example, 5 x 9 = 45, reduce 45 to a single digit by adding them


together: 4+ 5 = 9. Similarly, 7 x 9 = 63, and 6 + 3 = 9. Or 25 x 9 = 225, 2 + 2 + 5 = 9, and so forth.


When you multiply any number by 9, then add the resulting digits and reduce them to a single digit, it always becomes a 9. For example, 5 x 9 = 45, reduce 45 to a single digit by adding them together: 4+ 5 = 9. Similarly, 7 x 9 = 63, and 6 + 3 = 9. Or 25 x 9 = 225, 2 + 2 + 5 = 9, and so forth.



There is nothing similiar about this. Any number, no matter how large, multiplied by 9 reduces to 9. From a numerological perspective, the 9 simply takes over, like the infamous body snatchers. Any number that was initially increased by a factor of 9


The more you can be of service to humanity, the greater will be your personal reward on all levels You must have a keen sense of what will work, but at the same time directing those efforts toward some greater good. Your challenge is to find a place for yourself that has some direct benefit to others. Natives born on the 9th day usually take enough time before choosing a clear job or profession.



You can accomplish very great things when you put your mind to it. You have the drive and ambition of the one and the executive capacity of the Eight. You will have to push yourself a bit to get through the obstacles that will force you to acquire more knowledge and understanding.


As a child you may have displayed a nature kind of maturity. You will not like to take advice from others. Your own critical power are good and could be used professionally (especially in drama, art. And music). You definitely need to work the good for others.

You have a great sense of dignity, and you like when other people appreciate them. Some of you seek to be either too flexible or too stubborn. When something goes wrong you may experience fear, anxiety, and uncertainty. You understand others and are quite aware of the developed situation, as you are always able to find a common language with different people.


You dream of traveling to another countries, are interested in other people’s lives. Sometimes you may go too far in your dreams and dive into the world of illusions. You seek some diversification in lives, experimenting in different areas. You need to balance the romantic attitude to life and it must be done through common sense.

Number 18 natives need to learn to accept the world and people as they are. Also they should get rid of all negative attachments which at times get aggregated. The spiritual and philosophical approach to all cases, care for the others will help Number 18 to avoid illusions and live a real  and charming life.


Number 18 are mainly controlled by the Number nine . These people are very sexy, but it is not so easy for them to express their desires and dreams. To express their desire seems to them shameful, they often take it as a sign of weakness. There is also the influence to prevail in the affairs of heart.                         


For Number eighteen, the partner should be soft and flexible and should play a leading role in sex, because of which Number 18 cannot explicitly express feelings and desires. In friendship people of Number 18 are very faithful, although it is not easy to get along with them on the other side, the Number 18 is the dominant character and does not let people to impose their decisions on them.. Although natives of Number 18 are not so easy to get along with, but these people are very interesting companions, being smart and positive. People of Number 18 may become a perfect friends for those who have the same spiritual qualities and ambitions. People Born under

Number 18 may not understand someone who is lacking ambition, because for them it is the driving force, and people without ambitions they see as weak-siblings. So they cannot deal with them.


same energy, but can tolerate them, here is also shown the influence of Number 8. Despite their dominant nature, those born under Number 18 can be a very good friends, because Number 8 gives them enough sensitivity and inhibits their desire to command. Still for the sake of friendship people should not contradict much to Number 18.

People of Number 18 should study how to be softer, otherwise they are at risk to lose the friends that they have. They can be an excellent leaders - intelligent and hardworking, but when they start to treat others rudely, they become unpopular. Not everyone can understand them as their loved ones do. They should not be impatient with those who disagree with them. If they are able to overcome these negative traits and tendencies, they can become a very pleasant and

wonderful people, and rise to even greater heights.


Your positive qualities: desire to command, driving force, express their desires and dreams, spiritual and philosophical approach, critical power good, have the drive and ambition, excellent leaders - intelligent and hardworking.


Your negative traits: very sexy, not like to take advice from others. to  be impatient, not so easy to get along, too flexible and too stubborn, interested in other people’s lives, often drives into the world of illusion.







You are quieter than other Nines, but a keen observer of life. You may have musical or artistic ability and will yearn for distant places; you enjoy the poetry of the East, perhaps wish to be a member of an eastern religious community. You would make an excellent journalist, wild life photographer, calligrapher, or antique dealer.


You have many talents and interests, which can take a while to find. You are generous and forgiving of friends. To be happy and fulfilled, you need to have an ideal to follow. You are always learning about letting go.  

You are a strong bold, courageous and determined person. Because of your fighting nature and can overcome strife and opposition. You care, love and respect yourself even if others do not agree and oppose you. You would love to have control over your own destiny. With this you can easily be a great commander and leader. You are also a kind humane person; you will never leave your friends behind. You always want to help others. You are deeply connected with your family and home and you always want to make them happy.


Number 27 natives are very caring and generous, giving away their last dollar to help. With their charm they have no problem making friends and nobody is a stranger to them. They have so many different personalities that people around them have a hard time understanding them. They are like chameleons, ever changing and blending in.

They have tremendous luck, but also can suffer from extremes in fortune and mood. To be successful they need to build a loving foundation. When they take up a work, they will struggle hard to complete it perfectly. They can work all the time without taking rest. Since they are much interested in sensual pleasures they are quite careful as not to offend anybody.


Some of them may be dull in imagining while some others think and imagine with lightning speed. On the reverse side of it they have a rude nature and get caught with unnecessary trouble. Their mind is drawn towards all kind of pleasures. They are eager to buy and collect luxury articles. They are ill fond of machines, vehicles and buildings. They get mental peace from looking at natural scenery and regions.

Natives born on the 27th of the month are are governed by number 9 and that is their ruling number. There are certain positive traits associated with 27 as they reduce to a single digit number 9, hence there is a need to look beyond the basics of this number to see if there's any real significance stored in it. They represent the concept of major transitions cycles. While learning and letting go and moving forward all positive parts of life, transitions are highly charged, and at times it can be too much for some to handle these transition cycles. When these natives are faced with something that's unknown and makes them uncomfortable, they may divert themselves to drugs and alcohol to cope up with these harsh cycles. Some may even, seek a way out through suicide, or engage in reckless behavior that ends up crossing the limits.

Born on 27th day of the month adds a taste of selflessness and humanitarianism to life passage. Those are the ones who can work very well with people, but at the same time they need a good bit of time to rest and meditate. With your this number, there is a very positive human nine and philanthropic approach in most of things that you think and do. This birthday helps you to be broadminded, tolerant, generous and cooperative. You are the type of person who uses persuasion rather than force to achieve your ends. You tend to be very sensitive to others' needs and feelings, and you able to give much in the way of friendship without expecting a lot in return.


This also adds that you are broad-minded and educated in several different fields, particularly the arts and mystic science. Many great artists and talented people are found under this number. You

may be a late starter and would take to take some time before choosing a profession. You would some greater experience and exposure before you find the one area in which you will excel.


You can be compared to man people in different walks of life. You will often be traveling and thus go through many changes in life through this travel. You dream of humanity. You also like to improve the conditions of people, whether they are of your community, state, or your country. This is where you get satisfied and your deepest satisfaction lies performing some useful task for others to benefit. Thus are the most important and fortunate soul which possess the highest wisdom, and which is full of knowledge.  Such souls will discover love within itself and will not search others for their love and wisdom.

Number 27 is far more spiritually inclined. Both 9 and 27 are highly praised numbers. But having name number 72 is very rare, hence 27 is mostly considered beneficial.  There are many hidden greatness behind number 27. Only few options of greatness have been explored and the rest are still open to discovery.  Yes for sure, this is the number of Saints and enlightened beings. People with this name number cannot do a unlawful or sinful act purposefully, or even if they happen to do, they pay the price in their this life only. Spiritual powers or yogic powers are very much possible for them. They could be masters in Numerology, Meditation, Astrology, Palmistry, Telepathy and healing touch. This number has a power to break ones wheel of life and death itself. People experience karmic effects of previous lives in this life itself and attain liberation, or they would have been born as saints to serve the humanity.

Positive Trends: creative expression, friendly and spiritual, congenial, humanitarian, fine instincts, forgiving nature, obligations, and does good works, artistic and superb writing talents.


Negative Trends: possessiveness of unknown things makes them uncomfortable, they may divert themselves to drugs and alcohol, selflessness, , scattered interests, moodiness, careless with money matters and big finances.














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