TAURUS  (20th April -20th May)    


Your Ruling Planet    Venus

Your  Sign                  Earth

Born in Sign               Fixed                                


Ruled by Venus, the planet of love, you are good and sympathetic, caring and loyal. It is often said that you are a good lover of beauty. Your sense of preservation is far developed. Your strong will power generally carries you to great heights even when you are under severe stress and strain conditions. You have tendency to put on weight even though you are strong and well built. You love to have good food and prefer to take high fat diet and enjoy living in comfortable surroundings. At times when you tend to be lazy, and unwilling to do the job or work assigned to you, with the result that you loss the fruitful gains that are stored for you. You're concerned with gaining material wealth and status and you make a sincere effort in achieving them. You have excellent business sense, the ability to make money. You are generous in entertaining your friends, and you enjoy the company of friends much more than the others do. You shall feel more happier living in the big cities rather than in small towns.  


You are well built and hefty and you tend to put on weight easily. Your eyes are attractive and your body appearance resembles to a bull. Your lips are well shaped and your skin is soft and  glowing. Your movements are quite  graceful and well matched. You have broad face stout shoulders with big belly.  


You are a popular learned and sensuous personality. You are practical, persevering and you have good  powers of endurance. You often make faithful and loyal friends. You are very careful about your personal comforts and money matters. You are unreasonably stubborn at times, and you lose other people' sympathy in process. You have great power of endurance and patience, but when provoked to anger, your become wild, volatile and would not mind using abusive language. You have a strong will power and are quite conservative in your thoughts and actions. You are bit slow but steady in actions .You would not to waste surplus energy and talent. You would plodder around a subject for pretty long till you are sure about it. You would only than act fast and wisely and see to it, that the concerned matters go to your advantage and favor .You are fond of ease, comforts and  luxuries. You become worldly and take pleasure in the good things of life.

Profession and Careers  

You would have a good taste for Arts, Music, Theatre, and Cinema .You would also make good singers, dancers, art and jewelry dealers. Writers, models, actors are the other fields where you excel pretty well. Architects, financiers, bankers, are optional field which fancy you.  

Business and Finances

You make excellent business people and financiers and are known as the money zone of the zodiac. You manage to find opportunities to increase your profits or expand  your business where others see none. You also tend to instinctively find above average avenues of investment. The best deals that you strike are generally those connected with land or property. You work happily as Florist, in Livestock or Poultry industry or are often seen as heads of Super Markets and wholesale food industrialist. 

You Match with 

Taurus, Gemini Virgo, Capricorn, and Aquarius.  

Romance and Marriage

Since you are governed by Venus, which powers you with physical charm, you happen to become a good humorist , thus radiating warmth and vitality around you. You are amorous by nature and you find it difficult to restrain the affections one bestowed upon you. You are also easily influenced by the attraction of the opposite sex. You make friends easily and are quite popular with fairer sex. Its a different matter that your romance begins only after you have satisfied yourself  or have observed that your partner has the qualities that appeal to you. You are emotionally attached to their spouse once married, you look for unshakable stability. Your patience in personal relationships ensures you with stability and smoothness. You generally full fill your duties and obligations towards your loved ones.

Health and Disease

Though you are a good eater of delicious foods you would at the same time .Love to exercise and help your self in maintaining good health. Your sign rules, tongue and ears, the neck, throat, vocal chords, tonsils, thyroid gland, chin, lower jaw .You are prone to colds, coughs, sore throats, tonsillitis, obesity, blood pressure and constipation.


You can easily be mislead by emotions and affections. You tend to be quite  jealous and sentimental with regards to the matter of sex. You are  dominating and obstinate with the result you almost lose the ground which you have gained  during your interaction with opposite sex. But once you find that everything around you is smooth and the grass is green and lovely you plunge head long to build a happy home and would like to create a world of your own nature.  

Lucky Day            Friday 

Lucky Colors         Blue and violet 

Lucky Stones       Diamond, white zircon.

Lucky Numbers    6, 15, 24, 33, 42 and 51     


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